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AHRC Creative Voucher: Platform 7

*The cultural and creative industries in India: mapping and policy [Joint project with Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai](2008-10)(with Dr Abdul Shaban)

in progress

AHRC Creative Economy Hub: Creative works london (2012-16)

Creativeworks London will fuse the Capital’s creative economy with some of the finest academic institutions in the world. We aim to create a stimulating environment where conversations can lead to competitive advantage and achieve outstanding innovation.

Teaming academics with creative minds enables Creativeworks London to deliver upon its mission to further showcase our Capital as a centre for creative excellence.

I am running the Place, Work, Knowledge strand of the project.

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in progress

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Completed Projects

*The art of regeneration, AHRC connected communities programme project development grant, 2011 [with M. Jordan, L.Lees, G.Bachmann, Birch and M.Miles]

*Innovative spaces: Brick Lane [National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts] (2008-9) (with Prof Kate Oakley)

NESTA Report

*Case study of the London media cluster, in the project ‘Media Clusters:Effectiveness of Clustering Strategies and Public Support’ Network supported by Media Management and Transformation Centre at Jönköping International Business School , co-ordinated by Robert G. Picard and Charlie Karlsson (2009-10)

*ESF network on the cultural and creative industries, co-ordinated by Erik Hitters (Erasmus University)(2009-10)

*Abu Dhabi as a world city [with the Globalization and World Cities (GaWC) Research Network, a project for the Abu Dhabi Council of Economic Development (ADCED) 2008-9]

*London (compared with: Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, and Paris): a cultural audit [London Development Agency] (2008)


*Artists and Innovation [NESTA/ Central St Martins] (2007-8)

    Link to overview of project

    Report (launch on November 29th 2008 at NESTA)

*The creative economy, trade and development (UNCTAD) (2007-8)


*Precarious work in the cultural industries [ESRC] (2007)

Expert seminar

Gill R C & Pratt AC, 2008, In the social factory? Immaterial labour, precariousness and cultural work, Theory, Culture & Society, v.25.

Special issue of Theory, Culture and Society (annual review) , v.25, edited by Ros Gill and Andy C Pratt

*UNESCO cultural statistical framework [UNESCO] (2006)


*The Role of Production Chains in the London Film and Television Industry Cluster [ESRC] (2004-6)

  Summary  Final Report  &Publications

*E-clusters in the e-society: the case of the digital content industry [ESRC](2004-6)

   Summary   Final Report &Publications

*ESRC & AHRC Cultural industries seminar series (2003-6)

    Book: Creativity and innovation in the cultural economy, (2008)

    by Andy C Pratt and Paul Jeffcutt (Eds), Routledge, London

    The cultural industries list serv

    The seminars (and papers)

*UNCTAD: The music industry in Senegal : the potential for development (2004)


Chapter : drawing on research in the report: Pratt, A. C. 2007. "The music industry and its potential role in local economic development: the case of Senegal." Pp. 130-145 in Creative Industries and Developing Countries: Voice, Choice and Economic Growth, edited by D. Barrowclough and Z. Kozul-Wright. London: Routledge.AHRC

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